Scientists actually just figured out how to make real floating ‘holograms’

3d holograms

We've seen countless science fiction technologies make their way to the real world over the past few decades, but one has always eluded us: holograms. Okay, just to clear things up, that floating Princess Leia in the first Star Wars film isn't technically a hologram, since holograms are defined as giving the appearance of three-dimensional depth via a two-dimensional projection. However, the unrealistic depiction of holograms that we see in science fiction might actually become reality thanks to groundbreaking new research that was just published in Nature.

The technology, which researchers are calling a "photophoretic-trap volumetric display" does what previous attempts at creating true 3D projections have failed to do, which is to trap light in mid air in order to create a virtual object with all the depth of the real deal.

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