Schedule & Plan Your Day With The Timepage App For The iPad

Selected by Apple as one of the best planning apps, the Timepage app for the iPad was specifically designed to organize, personalize and plan out your day better, so you can easily visualize what you need to do next.

This app is perfect for if you’re always busy and want to sort out each day of the week, since they made it where you can easily put an alert, an event, or jot down anything you want, right within it. For instance, you can put on an advanced calendar reminder that will alert you every time you set it for a specific time or date, as well as an animated temperature and rainfall forecast for the day, so can you know what to wear and what to bring with you when you step out the door.

This app also includes fast syncing. So you can sync fast and securely across any device from any account, with any calendar already on your iPad; such as iCloud, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, Facebook, Yahoo or CalDAV. You can also easily search for certain events using their Spotlight feature to find things quicker, as well as an option to personalize your calendar with an authentic Moleskin theme, that will change the coloring of the app to a different theme.

So if Timepage is a calendar/organizing app you might be interested in, then you can always be sure to check it out over at the App Store, where it’s currently going for $6.99 for any iPad with an iOS 10.3 or later.

Source: App Store

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