Samsung will reportedly release the Galaxy S7 in two different sizes

The Galaxy S1 through Galaxy S6. Use your imagination and picture the Galaxy S7.

A report from the Economic Times of Korea claims to have the skinny on Samsung's launch strategy for the Galaxy S7. According to the report, Samsung's usual strategy of releasing a smaller flagship early in the year (the Galaxy S) and a larger flagship later in the year (the Galaxy Note) will change. This year, the company will apparently align with Apple's release pattern and offer up two different-sized phones at the same time.

For 2015, Samsung had four different "flagship" devices. It released the 5.1-inch Galaxy S6 and 5.1-inch Galaxy S6 Edge at the beginning of the year and the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 5 and 5.7-inch Galaxy S6 Edge+ toward the end of the year. The ET news report lists two different models for early 2016. One goes by the codename "HERO1" and has a flat, 5.2-inch display—we'd guess this is the regular Galaxy S7. The other is listed as "HERO2" and has a 5.5-inch curved display.

If Samsung follows last year's naming conventions, the 5.5-inch curved device would be called the "Galaxy S7 Edge+," but the report calls it the "Galaxy S7 Edge." Is the regular Edge just growing in size?

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