“Safe Mode” lets you explore Soma’s horror without risk of death

In "Safe Mode," you only have to worry about the philosophical implications of this horrible Soma monsters, not the risk of death.

Developer Frictional Games has announced a new "Safe Mode" for 2015's Soma, intended to keep the title's horror atmosphere while removing the risk of in-game death.

Much like previous player-created mods like "Wuss Mode", Safe Mode will leave the game's monsters and puzzles intact. But while the Wuss Mode mod simply made players immune from damage, the official Safe Mode will also change the in-game monsters' behavior while protecting players from harm.

"Our goal has been for Safe Mode to not feel like a cheat, but for it to be a genuine way of experiencing the game," the developers wrote in an announcement. "So we’ve considered what each creature should be doing, given their appearance, sound, and voice."

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