Roku 4 review: A future-proofed 4K version of the best streaming box (so far)

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Let’s talk about how the streaming TV revolution kind of sucks.

At this point it has become clear that entrenched content providers have won this fight. No single streaming service can win the rights to everything, so consumers have to subscribe to multiple services to access everything they want to watch (and pay for a whole bunch of stuff they don’t want and will never watch in the process). It’s frustrating, and it looks a lot more like the old cable TV system than a new a la carte TV utopia.

So it’s important for these boxes to be able to stream as much stuff as possible. The Apple TV, Google’s Android TV and Chromecast, and Amazon’s Fire TV boxes and sticks can all stream content from big names like Netflix and Hulu and HBO, but they all inevitably end up prioritizing media that comes from their companies’ respective stores.

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