Rocket Lab CEO sent a big fake ‘star’ into orbit, and scientists aren’t happy about it

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It's no secret that the Earth currently has a bit of a space junk problem. There are so many objects floating around our planet that they're beginning to run into each other, and it's virtually impossible to track all the defunct bits and pieces of satellites and discarded spacecraft debris. It's a danger to astronauts and future space missions, and the problem is getting worse with each passing year. With that in mind, it's probably pretty obvious why Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck's decision to send a piece of floating "art" into orbit isn't sitting well with some in the scientific community.

Earlier this month, Rocket Lab conducted a mission to deliver some important satellites into orbit for a number of different clients. The launch went off without a hitch, but along with the satellites was an unexpected delivery in the form of a giant, reflective "disco ball" designed to function as a fake star and be visible from Earth without the use of a telescope. It's called the Humanity Star, and it serves no purpose other than to sparkle in the night sky.

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