RIAA gets $22M default judgment against “brazen and egregious” MP3 website

Record labels have won a copyright lawsuit against MP3Skull, a website that linked to MP3 song files from around the Web.

The labels sued MP3Skull in April 2015, calling it a "very popular rogue website" devoted to "the massive, brazen, and egregious theft of millions of copyrighted sound recordings." They didn't know who owned the site, but a summons was issued to Monica Vasilenko of Petrozavodsk, Russia, the name last listed as the site owner.

According to the complaint (PDF), MP3Skull operators helped users acquire "obviously infringing files," offering tips via Facebook and Twitter telling users to be "very creative when you are searching our site" to avoid copyright notices and get their files. MP3Skull had already been banned in the United Kingdom at the time of filing.

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