Review: The Nomad Leather Strap for Apple Watch – Not Cheap, But Worth It


Let me start by saying if you’re looking for a cheap Apple Watch band, stop reading this right now, and visit Amazon for some of their $10 silicone bands. However, if you’re looking for a great leather band, that classes up your Apple Watch, keep reading.

Review: The Nomad Leather Strap for Apple Watch - Not Cheap, But Worth It


The Nomad Leather Strap for Apple Watch is a beautiful leather band that is assembled by hand, and made of the highest-quality materials. The band comes in two “builds,” Traditional ($149.95) and Modern ($59.95). We’re reviewing the Traditional model here, but most of what I’ll tell you will also apply to the Modern build.

First, the materials. The Nomad Leather Strap is made from Horween leather.  At first, I though “Horween,” was simply a marketing concept, like the Chrysler Cordoba’s “rich Corinthian leather” was so many years ago. (I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Corinthian leather isn’t real. Totally made up.) However, the Horween Leather Company was founded in 1905, and is well known for offering a high-quality leather product that isn’t matched by many in the business. So, let me assure you, this is made of some great leather.

Review: The Nomad Leather Strap for Apple Watch - Not Cheap, But Worth It

The Nomad Leather Strap is uses a polished, injection molded stainless steel buckle, genuine, minimally treated Horween leather, and durable linen stitching, to create a beautiful strap that, like most fine leather products, will just get better looking as it ages.

The construction of the strap is well crafted, with not a stitch out of place. The band is thick, and like most new leather products, is stiff, like a baseball glove before it is broken in. However, the band soon molded to my arm, and is sitting comfortably on my arm as I write this review. (It will be staying there for awhile. At least until my next Watch band review.)


I find the Nomad Leather Strap to be a beautiful, and stylish addition to my 1st-generation gold Sport Apple Watch. The rich brown coloring of the leather, and the black stainless steel hardware add a nice touch to the gold coloring of my Apple Watch. The band is sturdy, and well-designed & crafted, approaching the type of quality I had previously seen only in Pad & Quill products.

Review: The Nomad Leather Strap for Apple Watch - Not Cheap, But Worth It

At $149, the Nomad Leather Strap isn’t for everyone, nor should it be. But, if you’d like a beautiful, fashionable, yet durable band for your Watch to increase its beauty, you should definitely take a closer look at the Nomad Leather Strap.

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Price: $149.95 – Available at the Nomad website, also at Amazon. There is also a “Traditional” build of the strap available for $59.95.


  • Beautiful materials and excellent workmanship
  • Gets better looking the longer you wear it
  • Excellent fit


  • Can’t think of even one


Disclaimer: I received the Nomad Leather Strap at no cost for performing the review. I have not received compensation for the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos are a mix of Nomad supplied photos, and my own.

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