Review: Civilization VI on the iPhone is the full experience

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Enlarge / A render of Civilization VI running on the iPhone XS Max. (credit: Aspyr Media)

Starting today, Civilization VI is available for iPhones on the Apple App Store. It was previously available on iPads but not iPhones. And of course, it has long been a staple of PC and Mac gaming.

The new port faces a daunting task—squeezing an extremely complex game onto a tiny screen—and it asks players to shell out for the trouble. While you can play a short free trial when you first download it, unlocking all the features and the ability to play longterm will ultimately cost $60 up front; that's the same price as the desktop version. Port developer Aspyr Media is selling the game for 60 percent off from the launch today up through October 16, though.

If you're willing to spend, you'll get the full, real, desktop Civilization VI experience in your pocket.

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