Report Notes 30% Of iPhone Buyer In Q4 Were Android Switchers

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

That’s right, close to 30% of Android users switched to buy an iPhone during the Q4 run according to CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday. This is by far the highest ratio that Apple has recorded in a single three-month span.

CEO Tim Cook specified that the 30% statistic applies to customers who upgraded from an Android device and not first time buyers, which is good news for Apple. Cook went on to say that this was the largest record since Apple began tracking statistics, which was three years ago.

Something worth noting, Tim Cook didn’t specify why so many switched to an iPhone. But, many believe that Apple’s trade in program that launched in March gathered up quite a bit of non-iOS devices, while the June program helped with the “Move to iOS” app, which made that step of migrating data from an Android device to iOS. In addition to this, the migration tool went live in the Android App Store last month, just in time for Apple’s new iPhone 6s.

Cook believes that an increasing number of Android users are likely to switch once they are eligible for a carrier upgrade which, when integrated with new buyers, should boost strong first quarter 2016 sales.

For the fourth quarter, the company sold a new record of 48 million iPhones, a 22% year-over-year increase that was helped along by a 120% increase in Chinese sales.

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