Reno Gazette-Journal says Tesla Gigafactory guards accosted journalists

A stripped down Model S. Tesla batteries will be made at a factory site outside of Reno.

On Monday, a lawyer for local news outlet the Reno Gazette-Journal sent a letter to Tesla contradicting the automaker’s account of an incident that occurred two weeks ago between security guards at Tesla’s Gigafactory and two RGJ journalists.

Last week, Tesla wrote a blog post saying that the guards at the Nevada factory discovered the two journalists trespassing on private property and taking photos. When one of the security guards tried to detain the journalists, they allegedly escaped to their Jeep and hit one of the security guards in the waist while in reverse. Tesla said that as the journalists tried to escape, they hit an ATV with two guards in it.

When Storey County sheriffs arrived, one of the journalists, photographer Andy Barron, was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault. Barron was released on bail later that evening. At the time, Tesla’s account did not mention that a rock had been used to shatter the driver’s side window and the driver’s side seat belt had been cut in half.

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