Push your friend’s trust and laugh limits with interrogation-fueled Spyfall

(credit: Sam Machkovech)

Like other party-friendly card games in recent memory, Spyfall hinges pretty largely on the group of people you play it with. In this game's case, that's thanks to a stress on both deception and theatrics. Everybody has to invent both questions and answers, all while keeping pivotal details close to their chest, to figure out their half of an asymmetrical mystery.

Price$20 / ~£20
AuthorAlexandr Ushan
Time10 min
BGG rank#13 party game

But unlike other popular party games, Spyfall hinges nearly as much on how you encounter it. The game first grew to prominence in the United States as a print-and-play game—and also came in the form of a pretty handy HTML5-powered app—before finally seeing "official" release in the United States by Cryptozoic Games late last year.

The boxed version that Americans got doesn't stray far from the one sold throughout the world, based on the Ukrainian original by designer Alexandr Ushan and complete with its original artwork. Its adherence to the original presentation is pretty much the only bad part of the game.

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