Made with a unique and rugged design, the new Zizo Bolt Series case for the iPhone X, is a great case to really protect your iPhone, due to its high resistance to shield off any type of shocks or collisions, that could possibly break or shatter your device.

The Zizo case was specially made with a polycarbonate shell clip on the outer side of it, along with a kickstand in the back of it. This way, you could easily attach it to your pocket or belt when you go outside, as well as prop it up like a kickstand to watch a video better, without always having to hold it or lean it up against an object.

This particular case also comes with a 0.33mm screen protector when purchased, that was designed to have a 9H surface hardness, tempered glass and one push installation; to be able to cover and protect your iPhone’s display, while also being super easy to install on your iPhone as well.

The new Zizo Bolt Series case for the iPhone X is currently available at if you’re interested in it, and is selling for $17.99, in a color choice of black, black/red, blue/black, rose gold/black, white/grey and many other colors.

Source: Amazon

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