iPad mini Smart Cover case

The new iPad Air 2 Smart Cover case by Apple, offers excellent protection. Although the case is thin and minimal in structure, it brings a functional polyurethane design with a microfiber lining to protect your iPad Air and Air 2.

Apple constructed this case to be slim and lightweight, while protecting the top of your iPad Air with a front cover, with durable polyurethane materials. These materials offer a soft matching colored microfiber lining, which helps block out any dust, dirt or grime.iPad Air 2 case

iPad Air 2 Cover case

The case also comes with a handy flexible feature, which is great for re-positioning your iPad. In addition, this helps with turning the case into a keyboard or propping it completely upwards. The Smart Cover case also features a magnetic connector, which helps secure and lock your device inside the case. Furthermore, once completely closed, the case will automatically go into sleep mode. However, if you open the cover on the case the iPad will wake up again.

This case comes in a seven different colors: Black, Blue, White, Yellow, Green, Pink and Red. You can get this case for $39.00 at Apple.com. For further details about the Smart Cover case or other products, you can head over to Apple’s official website for more information.

Source info: Apple.com

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