Prop Up Your iPhone X With The New Tilt Dock

Whether you’re reading a recipe, an article or want to scroll through your Instagram feed, the JS Innovations new dock called Tilt for the iPhone X is the perfect dock to do all of those activities and more.

Due to its unique and versatile design, you can easily prop up your iPhone on the dock and put it in any angle you want. And that’s all because of its 90 degree flexible body, that can perfectly tilt your iPhone in a lower, medium to higher angle, all by just adjusting it downward or up closer to you.

But not only is it great for just viewing content on your iPhone’s screen when you need it, it’s also great for charging your device as well. The Tilt was made with an input of DC 5V 1.5A, and an output of DC 5v 1000mAh, as well as a 3 coil system to be able to perfectly charge your iPhone no matter where you place it. This way, you can use it as a stand to view your screen, or just use it as a charger to charge up your iPhone’s battery.

JS Innovations new dock is currently being sold at The Daily Dot store, where it’s selling for $52.50, alongside its other version that comes with an adapter, that goes for $68.25. For more information about this particular dock, you can always be sure to learn more about it at its main page on The Daily Dot store.

Source: The Daily Dot

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