Product Hunt launches redesigned iPhone app with 3D Touch, podcast playback, better discovery, more

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Originally launched as a way to vote on new technology products, Product Hunt has since greatly expanded to include media like podcasts and books as well as games and other content. Product Hunt rolled out a visually refreshed home page a couple weeks back to reflect the evolution, and today the service is unveiling a redesigned iPhone app with new features to match…

The new Product Hunt iPhone app features categories for discovering what’s trending in books, games, and podcasts now so you’re not just limited to tech. Podcast playback is also now built right in so you can listen to entire episodes of posted shows and vote accordingly. Start a show, leave the app, and keep listening in the background.

Product Hunt users can create collections of podcasts, games, books, and products right from the app. You can share your own collection or follow other collections to see what others are curating. The new app also includes a Popular feed for highlighting upcoming live chats, popular products, and collections visually.

The new app also takes advantage of some iOS 9 and iPhone 6s features. Searching Product Hunt is now more accessible thanks to Spotlight search from the Home screen without evening opening the app. And iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users can use 3D Touch to access quick shortcuts within the app. Press firmly on the updated icon to jump to Popular, Today, Live, and Search.

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Grab the new Product Hunt for iPhone from or the App Store.

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