The still remaining AT&T customers who are still enjoying an unlimited data plan will find that privilege will cost them an extra 5 bucks come February 2016, says a report from CNBC.

Price of Grandfathered AT&T Unlimited Data Plans to Rise $5 in February


The upcoming rate change is detailed on a page on AT&T’s website and is the first price hike the unlimited plan has seen in seven years.

While AT&T actually discontinued unlimited plans back in 2010, a small number of customers still have an unlimited deal, which they signed up for before AT&T dropped the plans. While the plan does allow users to use an unlimited amount of data, the carrier does throttle those who use excessive amounts of data.

AT&T recently announced a change to their throttling practices. The carrier had formerly throttled users on congested networks once they had used 5GB of LTE data in a month, that cap was increased to 22GB in September.

AT&T will notify customers affected by the price increase, and any customers who wish to cancel their service due to the increase will have early termination fees waived for the lines affected by the price bump.