Pre-Alpha Version Of Kodi Arrives For Apple TV 4

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A new pre-alpha version of Kodi has been released for Apple’s newest set-top box the Apple TV 4. According to the developer Memphiz, the official Kodi forum displays an in-depth walkthrough outlining the basics of how to install Kodi onto your set-top box.

Something worth noting, Kodi is very early in development for the Apple TV 4, so not everything will work accordingly. In addition, Memphiz the developer called this a “Pre-pre-pre-alpha release of Kodi for tvOS.” With that said, you can read what he noted on the official Kodi forum:

“Well thx to the great work of MrMC in porting the stripped down Kodi fork to TVOS and because it is christmas (and i took some days off from work) here is the first inofficial pre-pre-pre-alpha release of Kodi for TVOS (AppleTV4). There is still a lot of work to be done and a lot of stuff to discuss before this can hit mainline and we can call it a new supported platform (please keep this in mind – no ETA.)”

The Apple TV 4 installation of Kodi uses a very similar method to the non-jailbroken method. With that said, if you want to learn more you can visit Kodi’s official forum.

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