Niantic has announced Pokémon GO is now available for Apple Watch as expected, enabling players to discover nearby Pokémon and collect items from PokéStops directly from their wrists. The companion app is bundled with the latest update to Pokémon GO for iPhone [Direct Link], version 1.21.2, rolling out on the App Store now.

Pokémon GO for Apple Watch enables players to log each play session as a Workout, with gameplay counting toward personal Activity rings, receive notifications about nearby Pokémon, view distances toward hatching Pokémon Eggs, receive notifications when Eggs hatch and medals are awarded, and more at a glance.

Pokémon GO cannot be fully played on Apple Watch, as once you encounter a Pokémon, you must catch it from your iPhone. Nevertheless, it should allow players to stare less at their smartphone screens and focus on the real world around them while playing the game, which should dually make catching Pokémon safer.

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