SAN FRANCISCO—We were hoping to see more of Sony's most anticipated games at this past weekend's PlayStation Experience expo at the giant Moscone Center, but previously announced titles like The Last Guardian, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Gran Turismo Sport were nowhere to be found. That didn't mean Sony was slacking on the whole "games of the future" front, however, because the company took the opportunity to give PlayStation VR (formerly known as Project Morpheus) its biggest public showing yet.

We wrote at length about PlayStation VR after June's E3 showing, giving particular props to games like London Heist: Getaway, Super Hyper Cube, Wayward Sky, and RIGS: Mechanized Combat League. Those games were also on display, and they're still quite good, but those were only the beginning. We have now left another expo six months later with just as many positive impressions of new VR games. This is no lark for Sony. PlayStation VR is happening, and here's our take on its quickly expanding ecosystem of content.

PlayStation VR: How does it feel?

Getting the feel of a VR headset just right can be a little tricky—especially when the hardware should both fit snugly and still offer comfort (particularly in terms of ventilation). Sony's answer to the headset-fit question is a two-step fastening process. After putting the headset on top of your head, you press down on a little button to bring the lenses directly up to your face. After that, the back-of-head strap has its own button and dial. Press the button down to raise and lower where the strap wraps around the back of your head, then turn the dial to snap the strap snugly to your head.

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