Play Out A Plot In A Live Action Show With The New Eko App

Eko is an interactive media platform that lets you shape stories as they’re told. This app gives you the power to pick out different choices and answers within a live-action show, to prevent or cause a variety of events to happen in the main character’s life.

The Eko app so far only has one show called “That Moment When” created and produced by Sandeep Parikh and Sony, that’s based on Milana Vayntrub who plays the main character named Jill, that goes through many desperate and funny attempts to get her life together.

However, you as the user, is the only one that can make her life actually come together, by making the decisions for her. You’re in charge of shaping the entire story with different responses and actions that will lead Jill to a different path. Which is why the Eko app is broken down into different segments/episodes, so you’re able to download them, watch and play out her decisions within the app, and be able to pause, resume, and stream them with or without internet, to be able to finish Jill’s story whenever and however you want.

The Eko app is completely free at the App Store if you happen to be interested in it, and is compatible for any iPhone that supports an iOS 9.0 or later. For more information about this particular app, you can be sure to click on the link for more details.

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