Pixel 2 Release Date

When HTC announced the U11 back in May, BGR had a chat with the company about one of the worst aspects of the phone's design. Rather than adopt a newer configuration that maximizes the display-to-body ratio, HTC's new flagship phone still had massive bezels above and beneath the screen. When we asked HTC why it stuck with the dated design, the company explained that it was due in large part to the fact that HTC doesn't have its own display arm like Samsung and LG. These companies can develop new display technology that is custom tailored to their needs. Meanwhile, as a small phone vendor, HTC has no choice but to stay behind the curve a bit when it comes to certain components.

The huge bezels on the U11 are a bit of a disappointment on an otherwise stunning smartphone. And now, Android fans will get to relive that disappointment when Google's new Pixel 2 hits store shelves in the coming months. As has been rumored, it looks like the new HTC-made Pixel 2 will have huge bezels just like last year's model.

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