OnePlus is best known for its popular smartphones running a variant of Android, which require an invitation before being allowed to purchase one. They’ve decided to branch out into accessories for other smartphones, as the outfit has now debuted an official OnePlus case for Apple’s iPhone 6/6s.

Phone Maker OnePlus Offers iPhone 6s Case Sporting Its Signature Sandstone Finish

Redmond Pie:

It’s difficult to deny that the new OnePlus accessory, and the first offering from the company to land in the iPhone accessories market, is visually appealing and very well designed. The case is sleek, svelte, and looks like it would add hardly any bulk to the iPhone 6s whatsoever. It’s also finished in OnePlus’ gorgeous signature Sandstone Black finish that not only makes the reverse of the case look premium and elegant, but also provides the owner of the device with a little bit more grip and peace of mind that they aren’t going to accidentally drop or fling the phone across the room.

The company made one design choice for the attractive case that might put some iPhone users off a bit. The back of the case doesn’t contain a window for the all-important Apple logo to show through, that location is instead occupied by a OnePlus logo.

The case is currently only available for the iPhone 6/6s, with no word on whether a “plus-sized” model will be made available for Apple’s full-figured iPhone 6/6s Plus model phone. For more information, or to order a case for $19.99, visit the OnePlus website. The company is also making a limited number of cases available for the holiday season which include an invite to purchase a OnePlus X. So, if you’ve been curious about the phone, you might score an invite to purchase one.