Personalize Your Own Slogans Or Quotes With The New MOOD App

Personalize your own words with the new app called MOOD, that was designed to help give your text a lot more style and personality, by giving you a wide selection of filters, fonts, illustrations and backgrounds, to get as creative as you want.

This app is great for anybody who is an artist or just likes to design as a hobby, since you get to edit and create your own slogans, quotes or mottos, by using many cool tools and layouts. It’s also great for if you want to share your work on different platforms to promote your business or hobby, due to the app being universal to many different networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and many other social networks.

MOOD is also very straightforward and easy too, since you can easily start typing out what you want to say or quote, and you’re pretty much ready to move on. You just have to open up and pick the styles that you would like your text or background to look like, and you’re ready to complete and save your masterpiece to the app.

So if you’re interested in downloading or learning more about the MOOD app, then you can always check it out at the App Store where it’s currently going for free for any iPhone or iPad running an iOS 9.0 or later.

Source: App Store, Tech Radar

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