Tis the season for parties. Whether you’re decking the halls, ringing in the new year or lighting the Mishumaa Saba, keeping your guests entertained can be one of the most stressful parts of the holidays. No one wants to throw a dull party, so if your tunes and tapas aren’t getting the job done, perhaps your iPhone and Apple TV can help. We’re not talking about recipes or music–if your shindig is eliciting more yawns than yucks, perhaps all that’s needed to lighten the mood is a good game. Here are a few of our favorites:

Heads Up ($1, iOS)


The Ellen DeGeneres-created guessing game might have seemed like a flash in the pan when it took the App Store by storm last year, but Heads Up is still the best party game around. The concept is simple: Try to guess words and phrases based on clues from your friends–while holding your iPhone up to your forehead. A variety of categories (even a new Star Wars pack) will keep everyone engaged, and the fast-paced, captivating gameplay will get even the most antisocial guest involved. Fun, irreverent and just the right amount of wacky, it’s sure to turn any party into a memorable one.

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