Pedometer Plus Plus 2.3 for watchOS Apple Watch screenshot 001

Pedometer++ is one of the best step-counting apps in the App Store, with its developer David Smith managing to keep it alive with meaningful updates. In fact, Apple’s 2013 introduction of a dedicated motion coprocessor in iPhones that tracks movement in a power-friendly manner has helped breathe new life into Pedometer++.

Ever since the watch’s April 2015 debut I’ve been wondering how the app would fit into my fitness routine.

My primary concern at the time was whether or not a dedicated step-counting app made sense given the Apple Watch’s robust fitness and motion tracking capabilities.

But as it turns out, a bright future lies ahead of Pedometer++ and today’s feature-packed update proves my point. The new version fully embraces the Apple Watch with a comprehensive, fluid and native watchOS 2 app, complications, more accurate data sync than Apple’s Health app and more.... Read the rest of this post here

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