One universal truth about consumer electronics is that they never have enough battery life. Instead, gadget makers opt for thinner and lighter designs, and battery is the first thing to go in pursuit that extra curb appeal.

Smartwatches might be the rare case where this isn’t a misguided strategy. Short of some quantum leap in battery chemistry, smartwatches will never rival the years-long battery cycle of a real watch, so you might as well get in the habit of charging them every day or two. In the meantime, any improvements in battery efficiency should go toward making devices that are more fashionable, and less bulky.

Pebble seems to have realized all of this with its Pebble Time Round smartwatch. Breaking tradition with every Pebble watch yet, the Time Round makes no effort to achieve week-long battery life. Instead, it lasts a couple days, tops, but is slim enough to make people believe you’re not wearing a smartwatch at all.

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