Payday 2 rolls back microtransactions after fan outrage

You want what’s in that safe? Got $2.50?

Payday 2‘s annual “Crimefest” event was supposed to be a free-to-play celebration of the popular cooperative shooter. So when this year’s event required players to pay real money to unlock some random loot drops, many players weren’t happy.

Last week, Starbreeze Studios (parent of Payday 2 developer Overkill Software) announced it was “join[ing] the Steam economy” with a “Black Market” update. That update introduced randomly dropped safes that required the purchase of a $2.49 drill to open up. Those safes contain new weapon skins, some of which come packed with special gameplay modifications and stat boosts, and all of which can be sold and traded through Steam’s marketplace.

A popular Reddit thread titled “fuck you overkill” summed up the reaction to this move from many Payday 2 fans, with many commenters tagging the game with the dreaded “pay-to-win” label. “So I bought the game, bought all the DLC they kept rolling out, bought the optional extra to support the game during hype train so that we’d all get something for free,” user Tobax wrote in the thread. “And now get told I have to buy ‘drills’ to unlock the microtransaction safes to get ‘cosmetics’ which insanely also gives stat bonuses… yeah thanks a lot.”

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