As the list of retails who accept Apple Pay continues to grow, it may be hard to know exactly which stores let you pay using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Pay Finders is an app that does the work for you and lets you know which stores near you have NFC technology, so you can pay using Apple Pay.

Since, Apple Pay was launched a little more than a year ago, over 700,000 stores nationwide now accept Apple Pay. Pay Finders app allows you to navigate through those stores by displaying them on a map for you, or you can choose to view them as a list of nearby stores, so you’ll know which stores will allow you to pay using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

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By registering on the app, you will be able to add stores in the directory that currently started accepting Apple Pay, or that has been accepting Apple Pay, but doesn’t show up in the directory.

If you love using Apple Pay or keep forgetting to use it, this app is a great reminder especially if you happen to find yourself out without your wallet.

The Pay Finders app is free and can be downloaded in the App Store today.

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