Pangu Releases Update 1.0.1 To Fix iOS 9 Jailbreak Issues

pangu iOS 9 The Pangu team has recently updated their first iOS 9 jailbreak tool for Windows, which now puts it at Pangu 1.0.1. The latest update is available to all users and fixes many issues with the tool.

For those having problems or have been running into issues with the new iOS 9 Pangu jailbreak, the team recently updated Pangu 1.0.0 to Pangu 1.0.1. Some users were reporting that they were experiencing problems with launching it and that they couldn’t even attempt to open it.

Well, if you’ve experienced any of those problems and more, giving Pangu 1.0.1 a try should fix a lot of those issues. You can download the newest version courtesy of You can also check out a list of fixes that 1.0.1 brings, as seen below:

  • Fix a bug that leads to oA error code.
  • Fix failure of launching on some PC
  • Improve success rate
  • Ensure the removal of the Pangu app.

In addition, if you want to jailbreak your iOS device, we have a step-by-step guide to help you jailbreak iOS 9. Moreover, the guide to jailbreak iOS 9 is only for Windows, but if you want you can still use the virtual machine on your Mac to jailbreak iOS 9 on OS X.

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