Opinion: No SD Card slot? It’s the camera companies you should be upset with, not Apple

When I first learned that the new MacBook Pro had no SD Card slot, like many creators, I was a little perturbed. The reason is that SD Cards have long been the fastest way to transfer media from cameras to our computers.

But now that the new MacBook Pros have no built-in SD Card reader, it means that creators will have to rely on an external USB-C to SD Card dongle, like this one. These dongles are cheap, small, and easy to carry around, so at the end of the day it’s not an outright dealbreaker, but the fact that I have to remember to always carry one with me presents somewhat of an inconvenience.

That said, we shouldn’t be mad at Apple for this. Camera companies have had years to innovate in this area, and have simply failed to do so. It’s the camera companies that we should be upset with, not Apple. more…

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