"From the director of Fast & Furious" are not words that I want to see in any Star Trek trailer.

Star Trek is a science fiction series. It is at its best when it is exploring the implications of its science. Yes, we want action and adventure, too, but there should be a context: exploration, the conflict between different cultures, the dangers of the (mis)use of technology. The TV series has always been better at this than the films, and perhaps it's understandable that the film would have different priorities in a bid for mass market appeal (though the recent success of the very sci-fi The Martian suggests that there is a healthy appetite for this kind of thing after all). Still, the new trailer looks long on punching, short on thinking.

Trailers can, of course, be completely misleading. I was suckered by the first Terminator Genisys trailer—the good trailer, the one that made the film look like it was going to be an exciting riff on the story we've seen before, not the second spoiler-laden trailer that showed what should have been a major reveal before we even stepped foot in the cinema. So maybe Star Trek Beyond will turn out to be good, but oh boy, the new trailer does not inspire confidence. Star Trek Into Darkness was the worst kind of lazy fan-service, totally squandering the promise of the reboot, but at least it was recognizable as Trek. Based on this glimpse Star Trek Beyond isn't, and it looks like it's going to plumb new depths.

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