Is the design of the new iPhone 7 just not doin’ it for ya? You could follow along with YouTube user PeripateticPandas‘ video, and do a little bit of DIY modding with a Circular saw and a belt sander. (And that is in no way a recommendation to do so. Our law firm: Dewey, Cheatem & Howe, suggested we publish that disclaimer.)

Not Satisfied with the Design of the iPhone 7? Grab a Circular Saw and Belt Sander, and Follow Along! (VIDEO)

“I couldn’t bear another iPhone with the same, slippery design…I just couldn’t.

It was time to take matters into my own hands.”

While you’d expect such a do-it-yourself mod as the one in the video below would end in tears, the iPhone in question still works, and it doesn’t look half bad. If you don’t mind the buttons sticking out a bit more than they used to.

While we would never do things like this to our own devices, we thank the Apple gods everyday that there are people with more money than sense daring and admirable individuals who don’t ask why, but instead ask, why not?

While this DIY project worked out in the end, not all “mods” go so well

(Via CNET)