No, the world isn’t going to end on April 23rd

planet x

Hey, so, remember back in November of last year when self-proclaimed doomsday prophet and noted con artist David Meade predicted the end of the world was just days away? Yeah, it never happened. None of Meade's many prior predictions of the end of the world — and he's made many — have ever come true. But never one to let things like common sense keep him down, Meade is back with yet another hand-wringing prediction that a mythical world known as "Planet X" will either collide with Earth or come close enough to prompt an apocalypse. This time, the date of his embarrassment is scheduled for April 23rd. I can't wait!

Planet X, which is also called Nibiru depending on who you ask, is common fodder for doomsday conspiracy theorists, mainly because it's easy to get people to fear something they've never seen. The "planet" of course doesn't actually exist, and NASA has debunked so many of these claims that it's probably getting a little bit fed up at this point, but hey, Meade's gotta make a living somehow, right?

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