Nintendo Switch NBA game jumps through ridiculous hoops to issue a patch

Saber Interactive just updated its NBA Playgrounds game on the Switch, but not via a patch. You'll have to re-download the game after manually searching for it. The result: You can end up with both of these icons on your home screen. (The slightly glowier one is the "updated" one, if you're wondering.) (credit: Saber Interactive)

As a modern portable-gaming device, Nintendo Switch has its share of quirks and missing features, but one thing it's good at is serving easily downloaded patches and updates for games and apps. A major exception emerged on Thursday, however, with the bizarre introduction of a "new" game that actually serves as a patch and fix for an existing one.

NBA Playgrounds: Enhanced Edition launched on Nintendo's eShop store on Thursday with a promotional price of $10, though owners of the original NBA Playgrounds, which launched last May, see a different price: $0. The game's developers at Saber Interactive confirmed via their official Facebook page that this version of the game is effectively an "upgrade" of the original, complete with the new content and patches that already arrived for the game's other platforms.

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