Next generation of body cams for cops can livestream, detect gunshots

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Enlarge / Axon announced new versions of its body-worn camera and Taser weapon. (credit: Axon)

Axon, the preeminent manufacturer of body-worn cameras for law enforcement, has launched the latest version of its devices, known as the Axon Body 3. The new version features gunshot detection, livestreaming, and wireless uploads.

The current version of the cameras, which are typically worn in the mid-chest region, must be physically docked before investigators can access the footage. These also lacked detection and livestreaming capabilities.

Since May 2018, when Axon acquired its next-largest rival, VieVu, it has had a near-monopoly in the United States on body-worn cameras. A tiny Silicon Valley startup rival, Visual Labs, has been selling its Android-based cameras, which have had livestreaming and similar wireless features for at least two years.

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