Newly-discovered Titanosaur helps clear up hazy African dinosaur history


Ancient dinosaur fossils tend to show up in some of the places where you'd least expect it, but finding any dinosaur remains in Africa is typically a cause for celebration. Scientists don't have a very clear picture of what creatures roamed the continent in the Late Cretaceous period thanks to a serious lack of fossils, but a new discovery is helping to change that ever so slightly. The fossilized remains of an entirely new species of dinosaur were recently uncovered in the Sahara Desert, and the creature that left them behind was quite large.

Paleontologists have named the creature Mansourasaurus — the name comes from the Mansoura University Vertebrate Paleontology program that its discoverers are part of — and while precious little is known about the dinosaur's habits, it size and body composition are quite familiar. The research was published in Nature.

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