New York tries end-run around FCC preemption with net neutrality bill

Enlarge / Net neutrality supporters march past the FCC headquarters before a commission meeting on May 15, 2014. (credit: Getty Images | The Washington Post)

A New York state legislator has proposed a net neutrality law in one of the latest state-level challenges to the repeal of federal net neutrality rules.

The Federal Communications Commission last week voted to repeal its own net neutrality rules and to preempt states from issuing their own net neutrality laws.

New York Assemblymember Patricia Fahy, a Democrat who represents Albany, thinks she has a way to pass a net neutrality law without violating the FCC's attempt at preemption. Her bill, as reported in Fast Company yesterday, "requires the state government, state agencies, and local governments (including New York City) to do business only with ISPs that adhere to net neutrality principles of no-blocking or slowing down access to any legal content." The bill (full text here) would treat paid prioritization in the same way.

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