WOWO Stand

If you’re looking to charge both your iPhone and Smartwatch at the same time, then the WOWO Bamboo Charging dock might be the dock you’re looking for. It’s modern, simplistic and convenient, as well as great for everyday usage.

Constructed out of all natural bamboo wood, with clean precise cut-outs, this charging dock helps charge your device safely and sound. The dock is great for propping and displaying on night stands, tables and office desk, adding a chic yet classy look to any room you put it in.

WOWO Stand in different angles

Since it’s made with such sturdy durable wood, it’s able to hold and support your devices without tipping over, being knocked over, or easily being lost and forgotten about, all due to its incredible unique design. This dock is very visible and very supportive, and charges your iPhone and Apple Watch without any problems.

The WOWO Bamboo Charging dock is compatible with all iPhone and Apple Watch models, fitting any size at any length. The dock is also very affordable and very budget friendly, only running for $9.29 at If you would like more details about the charging dock, you can visit for more information.

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