New video of a silver iPhone X in the wild surfaces online

iPhone X Video

We're finally getting close, folks. Pre-orders for Apple's highly anticipated iPhone X will finally open up this coming Friday, with deliveries slated to begin just one week later on November 3. With the iPhone X release now less than two weeks away, we're starting to see more photos and videos of Apple's flagship device out in the wild. Most recently, a 10-second video uploaded to Reddit over the weekend shows off a silver iPhone X in all its glory.

The edge to edge display looks jaw-dropping, but the video is also notable because it shows us what the Instagram looks like with the controversial notch design of the iPhone X. To be fair, the iPhone X's notch looks like an eyesore in the video here, but we've heard a few reports that it's far less jarring when using the device as opposed to staring at photos or videos of it.

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