New Tether Jailbreak Tweak Adds Quick Alarms And More

pangu iOS 9 Tether is a brand new jailbreak tweak by Philip Tennen and Evan Luther, and it seems many like the new jailbreak tweak for iPhones and other iOS devices.

You can invoke the Tether interface by using a 3D Touch gesture on the Home screen. Tether’s interface consists of clock-like glyph with a line coming from it. When you drag your finger from the point of origin, you will see a little time readout spell out a future time. The further your finger is away from the point of origin, the further in time your tether will be.

Once you release your finger, you have the option to set up an Alarm, Calendar event, or Reminder at the specific time you want. In addition to this, once you install the Tether tweak, it will start working immediately. So this means you won’t have to configure anything in the preference panel.

Moreover, if you have a 3D Touch enabled device, like the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, you will be able to 3D Touch a blank portion of the screen of the Home screen to invoke Tether. As you move your finger around, you will feel the haptic feedback from your iPhone. For those that are using an older device, simply use the triple tap and hold gesture and you should be fine.

If you are interested in this tweak, you can get it for $0.99 over in the BigBoss repo.

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