pangu iOS 9

Safari Close All Tabs is a new jailbreak tweak that allows iOS 9 users to close all of their Safari tabs out quickly. However, this new jailbreak tweak brings more than just closing tabs out quickly.

This new tweak also brings a feature called “whitelist,” which selects specific tabs you wish to keep open. After installing the tweak, it all comes down to opening Safari and tapping the tab button at the bottom right corner. Inside the tab interface, you’ll see a new “X” button dedicated to closing all tabs in one press. Furthermore, users will receive a confirmation text before all tabs are closed, which prevents any needed tabs from being closed out.

To whitelist a tab from being closed out, press and hold the tab with two fingers until the lockscreen icon in the upper left corner lights up. Locked tabs will stay open, even after choosing the close-all action.

Lastly, there are no options or settings to change with Safari Close All Tabs. This tweak is handy for closing out a large batch of Safari tabs, or keeping a few open while closing out a lot of tabs. You can get this tweak from the BigBoss repo.

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