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According to a new rumor that Weibo produced about the iPhone 7, the report covers the phone sporting five different configurations, each with their own unique hardware and functions. 

Some of the features that the company is reportedly testing with the new iPhone 7 includes dual cameras, a USB Type-C connector compatible with multi-touch Force Touch technology, wireless charging, wireless headsets and a new Touch ID system embedded into the display.

Looking further into the rumor, they reiterate that Apple is experimenting with AMOLED display technology. Moreover, publication site Barron’s noted from a report by Nikkie that some iPhones during 2018 will sport AMOLED screens, and is reported by the source that Samsung Display is discussing a possible collaboration with Apple to supply these screens.

You can read what Barron’s noted from Nikkei’s report below…

“Apple plans to introduce organic light-emitting diode displays for iPhones starting in 2018, sending suppliers racing to fine-tune the technology and invest in capacity expansion.”

In addition, like other smartphone vendors, the California-based company tests different iPhone prototypes before they send one into production. With that said, the source of this rumor doesn’t have a stable track record, therefore it wouldn’t be shocking if this rumor doesn’t come to fruition. However, if it does hold any truth, we could see one of the aforesaid features in one of the future iPhones.

Source info: Weibo

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