A new report from Mac Otakara claims Apple is working to launch high-resolution audio streaming in 2016. Industry sources who spoke to the publication during this weekend’s Portable Audio Festival in Tokyo the Cupertino firm is working to deliver Hi-Res Audio streaming up to 96kHz/24bit.


“The Lightning terminal with iOS 9 is compatible up to 192kHz/24Bit, but we do not have information on the sampling frequency of Apple Music download music.”

Last year Apple announced its new Lightning connector audio specification, and since then, we’ve seen the release of Lightning-equipped headphones from Philips, JBL and others.

This weekend’s report is just the latest in a series of rumors that Apple has been working on a higher-quality audio format for use in the iTunes Store and Apple Music. The rumors first came to light back in 2012 when singer Neil Young revealed that he and Steve Jobs had discussed improving the resolution of the audio available in the App Store. Young eventually took a stab at increasing the quality of digital music, releasing the $400 PonoPlayer in 2014.

(Via MacRumors)