New report highlights limitations of Cruise self-driving cars

Enlarge (credit: GM)

Cruise, the driverless car startup that's now a subsidiary of General Motors, has announced plans to launch a fully driverless taxi service by the end of next year. But a new report from The Information suggests that the company still needs to make a lot of progress to hit this ambitious target.

In recent months, Cruise has been ramping up testing efforts in a roughly 20-square-mile area of downtown San Francisco. Sources familiar with that testing effort told The Information's Amir Efrati that Cruise vehicles still had significant limitations.

"Cruise cars frequently swerve and hesitate," Efrati reports. "They sometimes slow down or stop if they see a bush on the side of a street or a lane-dividing pole, mistaking it for an object in their path." In one case, Efrati says, Cruise employees trimmed a bush ahead of a demonstration for journalists to make sure the car wouldn't swerve while driving past it.

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