Olloclip’s brand new Core Lens set for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, is an attachable camera lens kit that delivers top-notch image quality, multi-element optics and an interchangeable lens system; that will help give you the performance and versatility you need when taking pictures.

The Olloclip Core Lens set gives users three lenses which are: the fisheye lens, the super wide lens and the macro lenses, which are great for taking shots for different landscapes, perspectives and field-of-views on your iPhone. For example, the fisheye gives users the ability to create freedom through a unique 180° spherical effect, with crisp imagery and a wide-angle when shooting. This is great for adding a unique perspective to almost any setting that you would like to take a picture of, including 360° VR shots, portraits and even selfies with a group of friends.

Now the super wide lens of course is great for more outdoor landscape shots since it has an advanced lens with over 120° field-of-view, with maximum sharpness and minimal distortion; which is also great for panoramic scenery and tight interior spaces.
And as far as the macro lens that it comes with; users can get up to 15x times closer to their subject to better analyze, document and share beautiful close up photos and videos with great detail. Macro is also great for zooming up on things like flowers, fabric, food and other small subjects that you would like to get a closer shot of; that your regular lens would have a hard time focusing on.

If you would like to purchase or learn more about the new Olloclip Core Lens for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, then you can head on over to where it’s currently going for $99.99 with free shipping and handling.

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