iPhone 8 Release Date

Rest in peace, Jet Black.

Apple decided to use the same iPhone design for a third consecutive year in 2016, so the company had to find other ways to differentiate the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. After all, if the phones only sported better internals and other iterative upgrades, why would any iPhone 6s or 6s Plus owners upgrade? Apple slapped a nifty new dual-lens camera on the back of the iPhone 7 Plus and doubled the storage capacity of each model, but it also added two new colors to its iPhone lineup. Matte black would replace Space Gray, and a second new "Jet Black" finish would be introduced.

Since the 2017 iPhone lineup isn't made of aluminum, Apple obviously won't carry the Jet Black finish forward to the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, or iPhone 7s Plus. Don't worry though, because the company has a hot new color that will replace it. That new color is... you guessed it... black.

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