New iPhone 7 Possible Features

1 iPhone 7 2The latest news rumor is Apple may plan to remove the home button on the upcoming iPhone 7. The concept appears to be based on the Apple Watch, with the iPhone accessory’s line-up of floating circular apps.

The latest talk regarding the iPhone 7 has to do with what features could be presented on the upcoming handset. Some of the rumors regarding what features could be presented on the newer handset are: a thinner body, and the possibility of  higher processor cores, which would make the iPhone easier to handle more data as well as carry out multiple task at the same time.

Based on the rumor from International Business Times, the iPhone 7 may return back to glass-on-glass, with the glass touch panel sandwiched between a LCD display and the actual iPhone cover glass. This theory could assist in Apple building an bezel-less iPhone, with a top-to-bottom screen that could resemble the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Talk also includes developing an iPhone that would be dust and water-resistant, I’m sure many users would like to see this feature come to life, preventing those accidental water damaged iPhones. Another featured rumor could be wireless charging, talk is Apple may be preparing to incorporate wireless charging into the next generation iPhone. As rumors, news and talks progress through the coming months stay posted.

Source info: International Business Times, The Week Magazine

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