New iKross Extendable Selfie Stick For iPhone

iKross Selfie Stick

Perfect your pictures with the new iKross extendable selfie stick, made with high quality steel and ABS plastic. This little stick is durable, lightweight and great for photos and video taking.

Whether you’re taking group photos or an up-close single shot, the iKross selfie stick can make the process much easier. Users can simply adjust the stick size to any length they want, making it 40-inches, 11.5 inches or 9.5 inches, to maximize or minimize the Selfie stick. The iKross selfie stick is also great for a wide range of different angles and shots due to its adjustable mounting bracket, which allows users to turn and adjust the stick to a full 180° degree angle, for perfectly positioned photos.

iKross Stick

This selfie stick was also designed to be an essential traveling accessory, since it’s very easy to take off and put on. For instance, users can choose between a selfie stick, monopod, mini tripod or a 40-inch tripod stand by simply unfolding its stand, changing its adapter or adjusting the stick’s height.

iKross selfie stick also comes with a shutter button, an on/off switch, a wrist strap, as well as a USB charging port. It’s also compatible with the iPhone and any other smartphone that’s 5.5-inches or smaller, and can support just about any lightweight compact camera. You can purchase this selfie stick for $17.99 at, with free shipping and handling.

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