New Games Today: Splitter Critters, Pokémon Duel, A Normal Lost Phone, And More

The new App Store games are setting to duel to take a split of our normal phones. Wednesday night wasn’t the most prolific, so we gave an extra day to see what else shook free on the App Store this week. The early highlights include a world manipulation puzzle game, a new Pokémon challenge, a story driven adventure, and more.

If you’re new, every Thursday Apple updates the featured apps in the App Store and developers release their apps on Thursday for a better chance of being featured. The games start appearing on Wednesday evening at 8PM local time all around the world beginning in New Zealand.

Splitter Critters ($2.99, Universal)

Pokémon Duel (Free, Universal)

A Normal Lost Phone ($2.99, Universal)

Potion Explosion ($4.99, Universal)


Collect or Die ($1.99, Universal)

SmackChat (Free, Universal)

I Love Hue (Free, Universal)

Just Snowboarding (Free, Universal)

Alien Path (Free, Universal)

Drifting School Bus (Free, Universal)

Realm Grinder (Free, Universal)

Outside World: Remembered ($1.99, Universal)

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